Graphic Designer + Artist

Hello, my name is Justin, but you can call me Kip if you want. Ever since I was little, two constants in my life have been art and racing. I enjoy putting a brush to a canvas or creating graphics on a monitor just as much as I enjoy creating dust at the local tracks. Although currently designing in the Motocross industry here in Southern California, I love to wander outside the world of panic-revs and loop outs to test my design skills in other areas by creating logos, custom lettering, brand collateral or shirt graphics for the ones willing to let me do my thing.

I try to stick to what I know and what fuels my creative passion. I strive to do better and improve this life I can only describe as a work in progress... I believe it's the only way to go.

Thanks for cruising by.


If You're Interested in More...

  • My favorite movie is Dumb and Dumber.
  • Mint chocolate chip ice cream never disappoints.
  • I have OCD and carry around hand sanitizer everywhere because I'm weird like that.
  • Although Nine Inch Nails is my favorite band, Pearl Jam's "Black" is, and always will be my favorite song.
  • I could eat Benihana every day.
  • I am a die-hard fan of AMC's The Walking Dead and Netflix's Stranger Things.
  • The Universe fascinates me.
  • My favorite sound is the sound of wind whispering through trees or tall grass.
  • I am an Angels baseball fan.
  • I raced Motocross professionally for six years.